The focus of flood control studies is the estimation of the flood peaks and volumes that will pass through the project site and to ensure that the carrying capacity of the conduits are not exceeded for their design recurrence interval. Uhambiso Consult uses the latest Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solvers to investigate the behaviour of floods in time and space (gradually-varied and rapidly-varied flow features). Two animations are given below illustrating Uhambiso's flood modelling capabilities.

 Reference projects

1:100 year floodline determination (Southern Africa)
The objectives of this study was to determine the 1:100 year recurrence interval floodlines under the pre and post development situation for a new residential development. Road crossings and embankments were designed in order to prevent the 1:100 year floodlines encroaching on properties.

Bund overtopping investigation (Europe)
The objectives of this study were to inventorise the occurrences of large storage tank collapse in the process industry, identify the main failure modes and to provide recommendations in minimising the volume of fluid that overtops the surrounding bund. This required a literature survey, as well as building and validating free surface flow models. Recommendations to reduce bund overtopping volumes and forces were provided.