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The Company

Uhambiso Consult (Pty) Ltd is an independent consulting engineering and project management company. Uhambiso combines technical expertise and practical management skills to provide top quality civil engineering design and development and project management services for civil engineering projects on a consulting, partnering or turnkey basis.

Uhambiso is strongly objective driven with a solid understanding of the importance of balance between technical, quality, aesthetical, environmental and commercial values of projects. The company has a proven track record for delivering quality designs, project management and public participation processes to the industry, embracing human development and gender equality in a most dynamic society.

"Uhambiso" means "to deliver"


Uhambiso originates from one of South Africa’s leading consulting engineering firms, Liebenberg & Stander. Liebenberg & Stander was established in 1954 as a partnership between Charles Liebenberg and Ruben Stander. In 1995 Liebenberg & Stander was dissolved and the business of the Liebenberg & Stander partnership was taken over by independent companies. These companies are: Uhambiso Consult, Bergstan SA and LS Consult. All three companies share resources on large projects or where specific specialist knowledge is not readily available in any one of the companies.


One of the reasons for the separation into discrete companies and subsequent name differentiation was to enable the respective entities to follow transformation strategies to suit their own specific regions/business environments.

Uhambiso Consult has grown from a small firm to a medium sized consulting engineering business with offices in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

Professional Registration and Governance
Uhambiso is constituted and operates according to the requirements of the Engineering Professions of SA Act, 2000 (Act No 46 of 2000). The company is a member of the Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), and subscribes to the Code of Conduct as laid down by CESA. No director has commercial interests that detract from the impartiality of the services performed by the company. The shareholders are full time employees of the company.


Quality Management
Uhambiso has adopted the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management procedures, and was certified in 2010.